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fOR ONCE i bEliEVEd YOU AND tHOUGHt YOU'd bE thE ONE, i ShOUldN't bE SO GUlliblE</3.
it is a sport wether you like it or not. if you don't believe me then you can sit at a 5 hour camp session to learn a routine, and have in perfect in less than 30 minutes. or you can also practice your routine everytime for a whole two hours. and it is a sport if you have to practice and compete so look for us on the competition floor. see you there.<<3
no camera could ever capture [the look] in her
eyes and the f e e l i n g i n h e r h e a r t when
she looks at him.

{6~10~08}   LIV <333
sometimes people just go their
own ways, and it sometimes
sucks because you love that
person so much!! <l3

my credittt***
I.M -- xoChElSii4xo
Every time I here our song i cry my eyes out cause everynight i wish we were still together ...becasue 6 months of love doesnt go away in 2 days like it did for u...now u are dating her the reason we broke up and everytime i have to see you two at a party it kills me...you still flirt with me but u like her ....i still cheer for you bc your on the team and you are the quarterback  and i am a cheerleader but sometimes i cheer for you because i hope 1 day u will look at me and say "dame she hott" and notice you made a mistake ......</3

all mine
im me at xxsandyxx if u want me to make you a qoute !

W e g o t o g e t h e r l i k e PBJ

 you make me wanna_,
and step to the music =]

My friends
are better than yours so 

stick that in your juice 

box and suck it!!

    && nothing less

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