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I Believe We Write Our Own Stories And Each
Time We Think We Know The Ending - We Don't.
World Of Planning, The World Of Chance And In
Peace That Comes From Knowing You Just Can't
Know It All. You Know, Life's Funny That Way.
Once You Let Go Of The Wheel, You Might End
Up Right Where You Belong.

"What though, what I suppose is perfect, what is very heaven is when you find a sexual partner with whom you can loose yourself, where you can create a sexual context of absolute perpetual bliss. A moment that exists outside of time a moment where you're unaware of your birth, unaware of your death where your absolutely in that animalistic moment yet at the same time divine. I likes them."

- Russell Brand
&& honey if your heart was broken
you would most likely be d e a d.
so suck it up and move on in life
         l i k e  i  a m .
i could tell you that i forgive you & that
everythings okay with us. but its not, i
 cared  about  you.   i can not
trust like i
used to
cause of you.  and
all i have to say is goodbye </3

Dear Tummy,
I'm sorry for all the butterflies you got when you saw him walking toward you

Dear Vocal Chords,
I'm sorry for all those times when i choked up everytime he said something to me

Dear Ears,
I'm sorry for all those times you heard me talking about how amazing he was

Dear Brain,
I'm sorry for boering you by thinking about him all those times

Dear Knees,
I'm sorry for all those times you got weak when he was around

Dear Hair,
I'm sorry for fluffing you every 5 seconds

Dear Nails,
I'm sorry for painting you different colors everyday just to match my outfit

Dear Legs,
I'm sorry that i had to walk his route to class and it wore you out so fast

Dear Myself,
I'm sorry that no matter what you did ....he still never noticed me

credit to soccerplayer45
LOVE your haters there your biggest fans

  stop planning your life + let it plan itself, quit trying to find the
  perfect boy + let him find you. if you dont want drama ; then
  dont talk sht things are only as complicated as yu make them

     98% of teens
are bringing sexy back::
 i'm one of the 2% that 
e x y  n e v e r  l e f t.

totally not true but i just thought it was funny. creditt for the words goes to imcrazierthanu15. :] thanks!<33
she gave you a million second chances
and you cant even give her one

Do whatever makes you happy, but do it now. Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain. Take advantage of what's right in front of you." One Tree Hill
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