Quotes added on Friday, August 15 2008

Missed and loved by all who care
if your nice you will not dare ,
disrespect or be
for he was always the shoulder on which we leaned .
he was so nice and did what he loved ,
but now he is up above .
we've missed him so much since that last call
his loving soul touched us all .
i can not tell you what its like ,
to have lost our dear mike .
for we shall all remember
that late september ,
in which the fire burned late at night
thats when he gave up his on going fight .
for the joy he knew throughout the years
fills our eyes with weary tears .
for we all miss this fearless man ,
we are getting through it the best we can .
you think its hard just losing a friend?
try watching his life come to an end .
this is what his friends had to do .
just imagine if this happened to you .

Rest In Peace Mike Reagan .

all credit to me!
i wrote this all on my own!
i miss you mike .

if he can walk out of your life,
as  e a s y  as he walked in.
he wasnt worth in the beginning.

How come there isn't any quotes where
the boy loves the girl?
never be the first to look away, that just shows your weak.
That's What You Get
when you let your heart win <3

oh boy.
girls will always be girls and have their
little cat fights; but when you decide to do
it at a day camp where you have people
backing you up. i found it pretty comical(: in fact
i got a good laugh outta some things said.

In a world of jams and jellys don't be afraid to be marmalade

           Credit goes to me(xoak2020)
he's a cutie,
he's got the gold,
and he followed his dreams,
and made them come true

people talk behind your back
becomes a disease
you soon come
to realize your
bestfriends are
your enemies
high school drama, break ups
and lies; so
why do they call

these the best years of our lives?

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