Quotes added on Saturday, August 16 2008

leave o01 for the A.M

my boyfriend <3

sn: X0MayaHBIC0X

you left without a single word,
not even sorry
it might have hurt worse to hear you say,
i'm leaving goodbye
but your smile still makes my heart sing
another sad song
i can't forget it,
won’t regret it,
cause i'm still in love with you ;)

-the jonas brothers;
still in love with you

 But you dont know what you've got
 Till its gone..
 And you don't know what it's like
 to feel so low..
 every time you smile or laugh
 you glow..
 you dont even know
 no no..
 you dont even know

if you support anyone with diabetes rate high
A step towards the right path
is two steps away from eViL
Secret Admirer:
a stalker with stationary
keep holding on
cause you know
we'll make it throw
just stay

make it pretty or whatever
all credit to mee<33
Every time I think I'm closer to the heart
Of what it means to know just who I am
I think I've finally found a better place to start
But no one ever seems to understand</3

my credit all
the way!!!!

sn;; xoxoJessxoxo145

i though u said that you love me like
a fat kid loved his cake..........well i guess that kid went on a diet]:

all my credit
im and tell me what
subject i should right my quotes about!!
sn;; xoxoJessxoxo145
Now I'm speechless, over the edge
I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again
Hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit by this love bug again<33

all my credit
sn;; xoxoJessxoxo145
I can't get your smile out of my mind
I think about your eyes all the time
You're beautiful but you don't even try

all my credit
tell me what you think[:
sn;; xoxoJessxoxo145

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