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if the music is to
you're too
  people will give you crap  wherever you go. but you know what?
      if you show them what your made of, they just might


 - - - > for all the bullied teenagers out their.stay strong[[:

psh,i wis. .
sooner or later, he will realize just how much  i
care, and will get up the courage to ask me out
we'll be a happy couple&nothing will go wrong

So don’t give up stand 'til the end

Theres more to life than just to live

there were four cows in a field-

one mom
&& three babies. 

The first baby cow went up to

its mom and asked, "Why did you

name me Daisy?"  And the mom

said, "Because when you were born

a daisy fell on your head."

The second baby again went up

to the mom and asked, "Why was

I named Rose?"  And its mom

said, "Because when you were born

a rose petal fell on your head."

The last  calf  went up to its mom

and said, "ufhdmarwpfnc?"

And the mom replied -- "SHUT UP


**credit to i_make_quotes

When it falls apart
And your feeling lost
All your hope is gone
don’t forget to HOLD ON

whO knew yOu'd be the One
tO take my heart.. <3

Hold on tight
It's a roller coaster ride we're on so
Say goodbye
'Cause I won't be back again
Up and down
You're all around
Say goodnight
And goodbye

I don't know what hurts worse baby
Seeing you with him or being alone
On my own

I know he doesn’t love you baby
Not like I did oh what's the point
You're not listening anyway..

You never listen to me
I know I'm better off alone
Everybody knows it's true
Yeah we all see through you
No it won't be hard to do
Throw away my stuff from you
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