Quotes added on Saturday, August 23 2008

                          Suga Suga
                         .:*:.how you get so fly.:*:.

Rate high if you likeee :]]
your clever words mean nothing more to me
 than a line ive heard in a movie
i give it all my oxygen, so let the flames begin

paramore-let the flames begin<33333
this town really gets to me

wake up you're a drama queen
carry on like you're supposed to be

we used to drive all night
and listen to the radio
we'd push the front seats up
and make the back our

wise beyond my years,
but foolish enough for fears

hey gorgeous,xo
everything will start looking up, once you do :]

Strong enough to face fears,

yet too weak to hold back tears

clorox sucks hardddd ! . grrrrr . isnt it suppposed to turn thinnnngs freakinnnn whhhite ? ohh morrrrronnnnnnnne.
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