Quotes added on Sunday, August 24 2008

~BaSkEtBalL fOr LiFe~
Freshmen Are Cool
They Rock The House
this summer
has been the best
i want it to last
because it have been
a blast
I cant sleep
at night, beacuse all i can think about is being with you...



girl : smiles at boy
boy : what are you looking at?
girl : it is crazy you look just like my fifth boyfriend
boy : how many have you had?
girl : four

*not mine just wanted to make it pretty
            I used  to be normal
until i met these losers called my BEST

                  {[You Cant Change The Past]}
    ||But you can ruin your Present by worring about the Future||

No credit
me and my friends . . .
we would drowned on purpose
 so that the *lifegaurd* will  save us¢¾
©searchin for the right   ©
©but i keeps avoidin me   ©
©cause it seems that wrong©
©really love my company   ©

your so fake you make
           look real

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