Quotes added on Monday, August 25 2008

& When you think "Tim McGraw," I hope you think my favorite song
The one we danced to all night long.
The moon like a spotlight on the lake.
When you think "happiness," I hope you think that little black dress.
Think of my head on your chest in my old faded blue jeans.
When you think "Tim McGraw," I hope you think of me.
                                                                                                              - Taylor Swift
just hold my hand
baby i promise that i'll do all i can.

When he's with that other girl we wonder

Does he LoVe you
Like he LoVes me
And does he think of you
When he's holding me

dance like we're retarded
laugh like we're
sing like we're on
but hey,we're having

do what makes you happy
be with who makes you smile
laugh as much as you breathe
love as long as you live

you make me smile
   &&Hold me tight   
            and never let me go

....mine!!! change up colors if you want<3
so i'll give you a kiss and say goodbye <3

...change colrs...tooo lazyyy..."tonight"~jo bros
& i went home that night wondering
why i ever wasted my time on you

......all mine! thx<3 dont copyy

the only people you need
in your life are the ones
that prove they need you in theirs
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