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                .n' _.--""("""--._`-.
              ,' .'      `.      ``";.
          ___/_-"  |        `.         `.
        ===///    , ,-. .-   .-; , , ,-  ,L  ,  ,_ ,-
        --///    /_ |_/ _)  /""|/|/ |_] /=_ /_ /=_ _)
      ___///    __    __  __  ______  ____ |  ___
        ///  --/||  --// .'   //  "/ _//  ))|(|  "/
    ---///   /' ||  _//.;  __//_.    //_="'  _\
    --///- -/---||  //'||   //  ', _//  ;|     \     ;
______///|__/_  _||_/<  `||_//__"/ _// --| /-._//    /
   _///  |   ,   |                   ---\       .'
___///_____"/     |                      /`;=__.-'

            `.                       ,'
              `.                   ,'
                `-._           _.-'

i take no credit for this. found it somewhere else and changed the colors =] rate high if ur a fan of LAKERS or KOBE! woo!!!
oh, honey. just cuz there doin it??
you got that all wrong.

you know your in love when
even when your in the biggest fight you still want nothing but to talk to him.
when he talks sweetly to you..you wanna run up and hug him to death.
even when he's in love with your best friend your strong enough to not give up.
even when he's taken your heart out and stepped on it a hundred times.
even when you say good bye your still dying inside and want to talk to him.
even when all he talks about is her you kinda wanna scream i love you so much into the phone.
you save his texts because their sweet and you read them when you miss him.
you wanna talk to him again when you've talked all day and night.
when you text eachother till like 2am.
when he tells you the first day he met her he loved her.
well the first week i met you i loved you.
when even if your going out with someone you can't help but think about them.
you wonder what makes her so much better than me.
you wish you could be the girl he is dying for right this very moment.
you could call him a million mean names but all you want is to hug him and say i love you.
even though he's in love with your best friend and you love him you want your best friend to get the chance to see how amazing he is and maybe they'll feel the same way about him. cuz if i can't. you should.

&+ of course he'll never know.
that she is the one who has always
been there  <3

that she secrectly wants him but is too afriad to tell him

that she would do anything
in the world for him
even though they
don't get along
that she is the one who is
in true love with him

and that shes always been here for him. <3

                                     I promise..
                            That when were old,
                      we're gonna be
best friends
chasing eachother around in our
                      motor scooters all day long.
If I kept you too close, it's just because I wanted to keep you longer.
                              - A walk to Remember

                                 My heart is the
                                  crack in the
                                 s i d e w a l k
                               that you walk on
  e v e r y d a y
`- - - >> Sure, I would  |[ love ]| to drive a Ford, but guess what!
[I bet almost all the users on Witty Profiles who see the Ford ad]
can't even drive!! (=

I WAS normal, until i met those lozers called my friends!!!!
Friends are aware of how stupid you are, and they still choose to go shopping in public with you!!!!!
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