Quotes added on Saturday, August 30 2008

loving someone is like
climbing a rope. you climb higher and
higher until you get to the point where
you're too scared to let go,    and when
you finally get the courage;; >>`you do.
the fall feels great, you feel  f r e e,  but
eventually you hit the ground,   and the
[               pain hurts more than               ]
a n y t h i n g   e l s e   i n   t h e   w o r l d .

[&] i never thought i'd see the day
when a boy had more control
over me then i did.. 
so lead me on and tell me lies, im just a girl right?
Its so hard to keep your cool. When theres every reason not to.

my credit
i wrote it
dont steal it
if you want a quote, im me
aim >  xkeliemariex355  <
torn between two but who do you choose: the one you love, or the one that loves you?   </3

dont copy
ask for a wuote
every night is the same, i stare out my
window and pick out a star.  and
i wish for the  same   thing,
though i know it will
come true.  i
dont give up ,
every night , i wish
for  you.
dont  miss   out   on   whats
happening now
just   because   your
waiting  for  something  better  to come
.  you  cant  live  in  the  future. 

- full house

You could break my heart
a million of times
but nothing could stop me from
loving you.



I always make these and use them as a top border on my AIM profile. Feel free to use it.¢¾

d ! l J
a coin
tails your mine
heads im yours

not mine changed the colors...
           I'm sorry about all of the butterflies. They're all his fault.

                      WiTh LoVe,
-------------------> your name heree<-------------------                 no credit...i just changed colors and added the with love part lol=]
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