Quotes added on Monday, September 1 2008

Me & my friends will last forever;; b/c we signed a conctract :D
I Took A Trip To The Year 3000 :)

Year 3000 ~~~ Jonas Brothers <3
"But I think the first thing I'll notice is a girl's smile, if she looks
like a happy person. Because a beautiful smile can really tell
you alot about a person's heart."                        -Nick Jonas :]
Have You Ever,
googled google, than googled again?
-Joe Jonas.
I'm allergic to dental floss.
-Joe Jonas. :]

I learned my lesson;
      I showered in cold water,
                 I looked at a tree.
It's been 3 hours.
      I need hair product!

-Joe Jonas(Shane Gray); Camp Rock
Oh how the tables have turned.
hey reptardius;  ©
     wake up reptardius!

Joe the dino. (:

"Hey!! We're in the middle of
nowhere, Illinois!! Oh...
and here come hot girls!"
             Joe Jonas

I want to lay on the ground, next to him,
and just stare at the stars and not have a
care in the world. Wouldn't that be the
              ©  LIFE? ©

not mine just made it pretty!
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