Quotes added on Thursday, September 4 2008

&+trust me, i won't ever want a second chance,
-->you aren't getting one either

you were holding me down ;;
but i was holding me 


stacks on deck
patrone on
and we can pop bottles all nite

baby u can have whatever u like

shawty u da hottest,
love the way u drop it.

tell her why shes perfect for you ; pick her up nd pretend like your qoinq too throw her in the pool ; shell kick nd scream buht secretly shell lovee it ; protect her ; hold her hand when you walk around with her ; look at her like shes the only qirl you ever wanna be with ; when she leasts expects it pull her in and kiss her ; tell her she looks beautiful ; tickle her even if she says too stop ; let her fall asleep in your arms ; call her ; kiss her even in front of all your friends and hers ; qive her piqqy back rides ; be slow dont push anythinq  ; make her feel needed nd loveed ; kiss her in the rain ; nd when you fall in lovee with her ; ; ; tell herr

credit to jenax_xmariee
Thinking about your kiss so long
But the problem is your lips are
  ||| l o n g || g o n e |||**..
the hardest things in life only make you stronger

not mine but switched it up a bitt.

Amiiga! ouu nena spro qe stes de diez!haha te extra˝o mucho!!!!...
bno bno...spro todo vaiia bn..
jamas olviides lo mucho qe TE QIIERO
ii lo spciial qe siigues siiendo
IIO!...bno te mando un besote cuiidte muchiisiimo!
amazing doesn't even explain you, beautiful doesn't
even come close, and
isn't half of what you
mean to me.

no credit.

haha toda qotiizada!
qe onda nena spro qe sts mga bn!
 te mando un besiito ii a ver quando ns vms no?
te amo perra!
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