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I love the piqafresas, I am a person too sarcastic, but just as well jaja you love me, I love being with my grasshopper and with my friends (the real) I am a relaxation, I'm addicted to the coca cola to coffee and love dinosaurs and Hello Kitty by her post the muffins, strawberries, cherries, watermelon ... hate the hypocrisy
Never fall for the guy you thought left her for you,
in the end he is only going to end up hurting you
&& going for who you thought was your friend.
he'll send you mixed signs, leaving you thinking
he will soon leave her and be mine.
it's ok sweetheart, be glad you ditched them that day,
if he did it to her, he'll do it again.

this was a request for xkeliemariex355

hope you like it!

Oh he makes me dizzy!
As we grow up we learn that..**

Even the one person that wasn' t supposed to let us down
Probably will
You'll have your heart broken
Probably more than once
And it's harder every time.

You'll break hearts, too
So remember how it felt
When someone
broke yours
You'll blame a new love
For things an old one did

So take too many pictures,
Laugh too much
And love like you've never been hurt

Because every sixty seconds you spend angry or upset
Is a minute of hapiness you'll never get back.
cross your heart hope to die;
clothes and makeup; boys and lies
there for you till the end
the definition of a true best friend

change tha colors up a bit///

                                 He looked at me and said..
"Do you ever feel like your working for something your never going to get ?
                           You shoot and miss kind of deal
                          like no matter what you cant have it
              but that makes you fight for it just a little bit more"
                    i looked at him for a moment and replied....
                                      everyday </3
firemans fair!!!!!!!!
going to the firemans fair !!!!!!
hope to see u there!

i soo agree w. u about girls be so dramatic! my best friend is a guy!
               welcome to a world
where being smart makes you as a
              drugs make you cool
      being yourself makes you weird
and having a boyfriend makes you a tramp

              welcome to my world

*for all the people out there who are sick of being judged*
I hope you know that
my feelings haven't changed.

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