Quotes added on Sunday, September 7 2008

i dont know what your love has done to me

think im invincible i see through the me i used to be

you changed my whole life 

don't know what you're doing to me with your love

i'm feeling all superhuman 

you did that to me 

a superhuman heart beats in me nothing can stop me here with you.                        


& she says she doesn’t care
But the look in her eyes; tell a completely
different story ... 

          are the type of friends who will
      wait hours & hours for the phone to ring,
               -scream- in fear as it does,
    then answer it pretending to be chinese and say
      Welcome To Burger King, would you like
               ( fries  with  that? )
& if one day
I actually START to matter ;

Please let me know </3

she walks along the river bank
thinging of all shes has to take
her mother gone
her father dead
she wonders why
the boy had left
as she walks along looking down
something stoped her
as she heard a voice
''you'll always be my special one''
as the tears roll down her cheeks
she turns away
she runs with all her might
because shes not ready
to face that boy that broke her heart

So theres this 1 guy that proved to me
---->>that they're not all the same

the guy that you talk about
day after day
and can never get out of your mind
when he smiles at you
your heart skips a beat
and then you finally relize
hes not what you thought he was

i agree with the dictionary.
partying ---> before studying
friends     before        ` love.
peace [       before      ] love.
&   Chicks    before       dicks (=.

There's only so much I can do for you
After all of the things you put me through

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