Quotes added on Tuesday, September 9 2008

the truth is; 
        i gave my [{heart}]away a long
    time ago & i never really got it back
no cridit
Dont you ever just get tired of putting on a show?
you know your a 90's KID when...

you ever ended a sentence with "
you danced to the spice girls
you knew that the pink and red
power rangers were meant to be together
you knew that "How Rude!" comes from Stephanie on Full House
"Talk to the Hand
!" enough said.
you thought
Bill Nye and Mr. Rogers
were the coolest men alive
you always said, "
Well why dont you marry it
you can sing the rap to
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
you took a plastic cartoon
lunchbox to school
you get the urge to say "
!" after every sentence
you had at least one
you got in trouble for wearing a
slap bracelet

Who knew you'd miss the 90's
this much???

the best memories you'll have in life
are the things you
didn't plan.
they are those things that
just happen spontaniously,
getting lost but
ending up at the
beach with your best friends.
going for a walk and getting caught in the rain but
ending up kissing the one you love.
running out of gas but
you get to see a beautiful sunset
you would have missed otherwise.

those are the moments that you will never forget.

all mine 100%
no inventes qe tambn es meLiTOn no mms ii eso de donde saliió? jaja qe mega qagado...oiieoiie ii diime qe tiienes pra mii? no me vaiias a saliir qn unas fotos eh! pqe se qe saldré pésiima...vamos vamos diime qe tiienes pra tu priima hermosa? hehehe....! te amo ZörrÄ! bno bno ntoncs ns vemos el sabado....te cuiidas mucho eh! besiitos xau xau
©Be Right Back©

all mine 100%
(¨`·.·´¨)* I

all mine 100% <3

  sorry to announce;;

but this


    with an X and an
  im out like Whoa..

change the colors all mine
Is he really out there i need to know?
I've been sittin' and waitin' here all alone
Turn my dreams into reality Lord i've been waiting patiently
Someone to hold me when i'm afraid,
To protect me and comfort me everyday,
Stand by me and believe in me forever on my knees i pray.....

Special Girl - New Ridaz
fav song
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