Quotes added on Thursday, September 11 2008

Now i'm speechless over the edge i'm just breathless, I never thought that i'd catch this love bug again=)

Jonas Brothers-Lovebug
When you love someone, and they break your heart Don't give up on love, have faith, restart Just hold on<3

Jonas Brothers-Hold on

I like dots
you know i'm gunna be in it
because the - - ( sky )
is the limit `
of people pretending to be something there not
but when im with you im the girl i wanna be.
-cinderella stoty
Not everything turns into what it's supposed to be
Not everybody is supposed to just
walk out of your life.
Sometimes (surprises) and second chances do happen
you just can't be
afraid to let them happen. e>e> e>
is like a mountain: the climb is h a r d
but once you get to the top the v i e w ' s
put back the drama;
put back the tears; we've been fighting for
so many years. it is time to
growup.. since
we`re going our ways, but we still fight on
dramatic days.and then we don't like
eachother because of a
rumor orlie .. just
are you the only one who willcry? be
careful who you do this to,
because i know
it willcomebackto you
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woke up and rubbed my eyes.
I felt kisses on my cheek.
I was wondering if it was you.
But I opened my eyes,
and it was my dog . . . </3

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