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It's funny.
because the moment i saw you.
i knew we were meant to be.
ashley ree

britt britt

 Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day    
she doesn't care if you call and wake her
up in the middle of the night just to talk. she
hates arguing, but you know she's good at
it. she's terrified of the dark;
&+ everytime
she thinks of you .. she smiles. she laughs
at anything and everything. she wouldn`t
change the way she feels about you for
the world. the only thing she wants is to be
&+ lately all she thinks about is you

Buenos diias amor..! hoho iia viiste la hora?? pff...hehe seguramente tu has de star en el 5° sueño...o sii es posiible un poqo ms aiiá hihi....me levanté pensando mucho en tii..ms de lo normal mmm qe raro..¿pqe habríia siido? blurblur...bno ps....iinsiisto reqordandote qe....te amoOoOoOoOoOo!
tambn iinsiisto diiciiendote Graciias!...por pertenecer a mi disney qe ahora iia no sólo es "mii" ahora es tuiio tambn....de los dos =) no te fasciina todo sto?? por mii parte puedo deciir qe es 
Maraviilloso, úniiqo, mágiiqo...siimplemente HERMOSO!
de vdd me siiento tan feliiz de saber qe me amas ii de sentiir ste amor haciia tii...pqe qreo qe sto tendrá un futuro ii un fiinal no hermoso sii no lo qe se siigue ¿me entiiendes?..pqe qreo qe el amarte me hace sentiirme bn, pqe qreo qe el enamorarme de tii es qorreqto...ii sii no lo es ¿qe?...iia lo hiice ii no haii vuelta pra atrás hehehe...ms enamorada no qreo poder starlo waa!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
sarah lee ann  is my   BESTFRIEND

iloveyou darlinggg . always and forever sarah will be  my bestfriend and i will never forget her . shes always there when i need her and she alwasy cares . iloveyou babidoll . always and forever, samantha Ann
iloveyou and you said ilove you too;
should i really beleive youu ?
i dont wanna get hurt again and again ;
i wanna be with you and only youu ?
will you promise me its not all a lie;
and tell me the truth about all of it ?
will you say iloveyou ;
absolutly mean it forever ?
iloveyouBabe! Always And Forever
You Are In My Heart <3

Samantha Ann <33 Dont Take It !

i can remember when i would sit and watch you play with her
how you loved her so much
looking at herm you saw the world in her eyes
her fagile skin not knowing how cruel the world is today
she'd sit and play looking at you
when she cried you'd hold her
you'd feed her, give her the tender love and care she needed
you told her you'd be back in a few hours and you loved her
hours came and went
where were you?
then it happened.....the call
from that moment not only her world but many lives fell apart
you were gone.....so fast
you were sapost to come home.....watch movies
now you cant
only 19 years old.....leaving a daughter and loved ones behind
she was so young not even 1 years old

the anniversary is coming once again. Its been 3 years and how much she has grown is amazing. how much she has already been through. Loosing her father and mother who isn't around. It's hard to look at her and know how much pain she'll be in when seh finds out about you and her mother. She's still to young to wonder where you are? Why are'nt her parents around. But one day she'll wonder. I'll sit on Halloween thinking about you, once again and how the world lost a great father, friend, boyfriend,and son that night. Shed tears of pain. It still feels so real, like it just happened. I just want to say that we'll never forget you, we miss you and love you so much.

R.I.P.    Dave Delbuono 89-05
eRnaN ♥ deNiSe

to all the guys who have broken a girls heart, & that's all of you. i hope someday you experience what you've put us all through. you deserve every ounce of pain you endure, every night alone you spend. i hope you lay in bed at night, staring at the ceiling with her on your mind. i hope you all walk away from your one & only, & when you finally realize this, i hope she's already gone. i hope the girl finds the one especially for her, & you regret it forever. i hope you watch her as she smiles & laughs, & has the time of her life without you. i hope you now see her as the most beautiful girl alive, & i hope every flaw you ever saw in her vanishes. she's perfect for you, but you realized that too late. she's gone.. forever. all the hurt you've caused is beyond explanation .. my only hope is that someday, every single one of you sit alone on a Friday night, staring out the window or sitting by the phone .. waiting for a miracle to happen. i hope you get your heart broken, & for one night, experience life as a qirl <3

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