Quotes added on Friday, September 12 2008

thanks to those who hated me, you made me a stronqer person. thanks to those who loved me, you made my heart qrow fonder. thanks to those who envied me, you made my self-esteem qrow stronqer. thanks to those who cared, you made me feel important. thanks to those who entered my life, you made me who i am today. thanks to those who left, you showed me that nothinq lasts forever. thanks to those who stayed, you showed me the true meaning of friendship;


when thinqs finally come to end .. you realize all the memories that you will never lose. you start to realize who was there for you & who was only just playinq with your head. life's a journey & throuqhout life you will be played & you will be the player. people only know as much as you tell them. its one thinq to be someones friend & its another thinq to know them for 7 months & act like you were their friends to see how much you can qet out of them. no one ever said that life was qoinq to be easy. later in life, i'm not qoinq to remember step-by-step every friday niqht but the thinq i will remember is who i shared it with. heartaches only last as lonq as you let them, over time you start to qet over the bad thinqs people did to you. but forqivinq yourself after makinq a mistake is one of lifes hardest journeys.


i fall apart every now & then but i always manaqe to pull back toqether ; i'm no qood with qoodbyes or lettinq qo ; that's qotta be one of the hardest thinqs for me ; i have enouqh bad habits to kill me someday ; i live for the moments when they all seem worth it ; i wish I was as happy as i used to be ; i wish some thinqs never chanqed ; i wish friends wouldn't chanqe either ; i have many acquaintances, but not too many close friends ; i like to keep it that way unless you show me otherwise ; I've learned in the end people will turn out to be who they promised not to, like everyone ; trust no one but yourself. & if you don't like me; your only makinq me stronqer;



a sister god forgot to give you.

(_.`׻ *emma and annie<3*

* put yer best friends name where mine is. *

Yes the past can hurt u, but the way i look at it, u can run from it or u can learn from it <3
being in love is like witnessing a miracle,
invisible to everyone else... <3
and never let failure get to your heart
Did you ever think that
Just maybe
Your all I want?
what your saying to me is completly wrong
he cant forget about the girl he loves
and even if i can get myself to accept this rationally
i still feel the pain and jelousy in my heart
however, bearing a grudge against him
and feeling a jelousy towards her
these are normals feelings that any human would have
and it does not mean i should neciserilly feel bitterness
toward these two
he knows how difficult all this is for me
i know... all these feelings they mean that...
that i...
they mean that im in love with him!

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