Quotes added on Friday, September 12 2008

It`s like you`re writing in pen ...
you can cross out your mistakes
as many times as you want - but
they will never be erased.

I see you everyday
and i get weak in
the knees
i get the butterflies
and i absolutely love it,
and baby i absolutely love you!!!!

change the colors if want.
its not that great but it just kinda came to mind.
of people pretending to be something they're not
but when im with you im the girl i want to be.
-a cinderella story

A clean break is easier; you can reset
it & it heals & youu move on. But if
things messy or things don't get put

right, it just hurts forever.
- The notebook<3

           THE FIRST TIME
i saw you was the last time i saw my heart.
dont you hate
when your failytal finally comes true
after all those years of dreaming
but it turns out to be just another
stupid little crush

she asks herself why,
trying not to cry,
he was her hero, her friend
there 'til the end,
she smiles but knows things
will never be the same,

tries to hide her face from the world,
and run away from the pain.

*just a poem i made up. i don't know i liked it so i put it on here.... :]
don't hate me
unless i give you a reason to. and
don't judge me
unless you know the
`whole story
If he's the first person you look
for when you walk into a room
then he must be a little bit more
than just a friend . . .. *

people change. it's the people that stay with
you that matter`*the ones that will never leave
your side, no matter how far apart you are, or
what the situation might be; they are
down for whatever. these are the people that
make you who you are
& you receive strength
through them in ways you never thought possible

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