Quotes added on Friday, September 12 2008

How do we say our goodbyes ?

Do we
laugh or cry ?
Sometimes just holding hands
is holding onto everything. <3

We do act hyper
dance around at random times
laugh for no reason
but hey that’s what
best friends do

i wanna live
my life & not regret
a thing

it's cool that we're
Sometimes the people we love
 just forget to love us back.

My heart can't possibly break
if it wasn't whole to begin with.

I hate how we don't talk for weeks
but then all of a sudden you talk to
me again. && It is like as if
nothing happened. && I slowly
start falling for you ... all over again.

No matter how hard you try to get over someone,
you will always have some kind of feeling for him or her,
remembering how it used to be.

I saw you today and realized how far apart
we've grown. I know I should talk to you and
ask you how you've been doing, and
I really
wish I could
.but it's just occurred to me that
we're strangers now. You don't know me
anymore, much less want to. It's okay that
you've moved on. I know that everything is
different now.

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