Quotes added on Saturday, September 13 2008

And i wish for you like i always do<3
                                   They say
                                     love is 
                                 around every 
                             corner  .........
                                  I must be 
                                 walking in 

                                   c     s
                                  i         e
                                    r      l

i no we may look like retards but hey:we are having fun while bein retards!

You know what really ticks me off?

people always stealing my identity.
no, not that kinda identity. 

the kind where everyone of these dramaqueens copy what ii do. yeah, that's right. that kind. so ladies, stop stealing identities and go find your own.

isnt showing off
fun without caring
what anyone thinks

(credit to my bff)

Maybe without passion, we would see a day of peace.
But then really, we would all just be hollow inside. -Angel

Being popular isint bad at all
But being popular and mean is

me and my guys,
we're old enough to know better;
but still too young to care

(no credit)

People say its the bad memories,
that cost the most pain.
But it's actually the good ones, that will
drive you insane<3

(no credit)

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