Quotes added on Saturday, September 13 2008

no that..
laughing always cures all no matter what.
aim saves all o our teenage lives day by day
babaysitting is the ultimate job of your child hood
skating backwards is one of the best ways to skate
if you're gonna get in trouble, then just have fun with it!
french tip is the best thing you can ever put on your nails.
headsets on phones are god's gift for those who multi-task.
if you're gonna get fat anyways, mine as well eat chocolate.
talking is one example of something that is always appropriate.
all feet are most comfortable in ugg boots at all times of the day.
the lines in mean girls should be like reciting your phone number.
eyeliner doesn't make you prep or goth, it just means you wear it
[oh the simple teenage years]

(no credit)
...be sexy...be true...be wild...be you *...

We all take different paths in life,
 but no matter where we go, we
   take a little bit of each other

(only half credit)  

No matter how hard you try to get over someone,
you will always have some kind of feeling for him,
remembering how it used to be.

never forget<3
Support the fight against terror<3

Always rememberrr<333

rattee high if u lost someonee<3 or if you support our counry<3
[&  s h e f a l l s  a s l e e p]
hoping she will live in her dreams and never wake up because
she knows in reality, her dreams ain't coming true. <|3

Some people come into
our lives and quickly go.  
Some stay for a while,
leave footprints on our
hearts, and we are never,
ever the same again...

(only half credit)
& im just afraid
     that telling you how i feel
        will push you away
         even more

no creditt to some of my quotes.
credit goes to XoCutePieOx102889
sorryy i stole them
but i love em (:

I hate how we don't talk for weeks
but then all of a sudden you talk to
me again. & It is like as if
nothing happened. & I slowly
start falling for you ... all over again.

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