Quotes added on Sunday, September 14 2008

i have noticed that if you look

carefully at people's
eyes the first

seconds they look at you, the

truth of their feelings will shine

through for just an instant before it all

Flickers Away
Don't tell me the sky's the limit;; when there's

ootprints On The Moon
eventually, one of two things

happen;; either he'll realize

you're [[ worth it ]], or you'll

realize he's not
and it's one

of those crushes where one

glance means
everything &&

[ without that glance you ]

c r u m b l e
we fall like
shooting stars & autumn leaves

[ staying up later than ]

the streetlights, promising what

[ never could be; I can't be ]

----> anything wi thout you <----
sometimes what you want ;;isnt always

you get, but [in the end] what you

[ get is so much better than ]

what you wanted
all she wants

is the one guy who is not ]

afraid to be honest && say

[ Yeah, I love you, what are ]

you going to do about it?
you are every reason, every hope and

dream that i've ever had and no

matter what
happens to us in the future

[ every day ] spent with you was the

best day of my life
we . wonder . why

black && white photos capture our soul

I think it's cause without color.we aren't

drawn to the
makeup,and the color of

eyes or our hair or how tan our

skin is
·´¯ `·.·» Black & &white captures

the innocence on ones face && they've

gone through to feel
vulnerability. The

glow we see comes from the i ns id e

Brightening our eyes, our skin && our

·´¯ `·.·» s m i l e ·´¯ `·.·»
For [ attention ] they wear less

They're just
m a d because I

still get [ attention ] when I'm

Wearing Sweats
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