Quotes added on Tuesday, September 16 2008

I miss the way you kiss
I miss the way GRIND
and now that were together
I cant get you out of my MIND
I miss your soft touch
and the way you hold me TIGHT
all day I think about you
and when I sleep at NIGHT
Just be to be honest 
I think your really HOT
and every time I see your face
my heart seems to STOP
I know why you left
and I know it wasn't ME
you left me for that guy
whos name starts with a "D"
I wanted it to last
but you wanted it to END
if we cant be together
then  I dont wanna be your FRIEND

I knew the first time we met
The TRUTH is...
Every guy is gonna hurt you
you just have to decide
who is worth the pain [:
i'm falling more in love
 with you each day...

You're all that I hoped I'd find

In every single way

And everything I could give

Is everything you couldn't take
g.i.r.l.s like us don't come around too often. either you love or you h a t e us, but you're wasting you're time trying to be us and you sure can't join us<------.
Whats The Point©

of holding on, when you know in your heart

you have no reason to
keep holding.

Never Forget What

- - - - - -once made you smile©©©©©©©©
I fake a smile
so [he] won't see...

and im just sitting here thinking how did i ever fall for a guy like you?
a guy that has a crush on my best friend
a guy that wont even consider giving me a second look as a girlfriend
a guy thats "only my friend"
and im just sitting here thinking... this sucks!
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