Quotes added on Wednesday, September 17 2008

Plenty more fish in the sea..

ha yeah, but how often do you catch a good one that really makes you happy?

there are certain people,
you just keep comin' back to.

you begin to wonder;;
could you find a better one?

   * the hardest thing
and the right thing
>> are the s a m e <<

let's laugh, let's cry
let's be friends til we die
let's fall in love, let's get drunk
let's party, let's get crunk
let's fight, let's make up
let's fall asleep, let's wake up
let's be family, let's be sisters
let's wear high heels, let's get blisters
no matter what we do, let's do it together
that way, we will be friends forever
The only way to have friends is to be one!!!
haha iia se...asii o ms meqniiqo...ps ese weii me piiratiio mii iidea...hiijo de su #$%"(/) hehe iio toda agresiiva..hihi...qe onda niia qmo te va??...no mms iia tnemos qe vernos weee....pff pro qn so de qe se qotiizan bn mamon...pro bueee nii hablar....spro qe sts asii spr bn...ii qe te la sts pasando iinqre (en donde...no se pro xs) ...te mando un abrazote ii un besote....cuiidate mucho
te qiiero zorra! <3

L y i n g  i n   b e d   a t   n i g h t
My mind is  r  a  c  i  n  g ...
I can hear the  r


     hitting my roof.

The wind is whipping past my window && Then i hear the one thing that calms my mind, blocks out the wind, and makes the rain seem like its not there, you said to me
i l o v e y o u

If it only takes a happy thoughts and a little bit of pixie dust to fly, then why does it take so much more to get you to love me.

Everyone always asks me why i am so h a p p y.
All i can do is s m i l e and say one word

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