Quotes added on Saturday, September 20 2008

Everything is possible
him who believes!


I've cried myself to sleep too many times;;      <
I've tried too many things to be with you again;; |
I've changed too much of myself for you;;              3

And you never came back. <|3

 What do I've to do to get you in my arms baby?
 What do I've to say to get to your heart...
To make you
how I need you next to me?

               Gotta get you in my world
       Cause baby

            -- I can't sleep --

          ** Your eyes are ice cold blue  **

   A mirror of the
heart inside of you

-You know that it's over -

when the
burning inside your heart

ain't there anymore...

She had them eyes of fire
The ones you can't put out
So many times I've tried
To get her out of my life
But she knows I'm addicted
To the taste of her lips
My strength is drifting away
My body's aching with pain
I can't hold on any longer.

It happens everytime...
she see's him and immediatly begins to fall.
she spends forever<3 waiting for him to catch her.
&& eventually she BREAKS. she's left a l o n e .
forced to fix her heart all by herself. somehow;
she pretends like nothing ever happened.

... once again.
he's fallin in love with her
i'm already in love with him
he's fallin under her spell like
everybody else

please don't take credit!!! this is all mine and i wrote it too
Don't cry over someone
Let someone cry over you
i'm out with the losers that i call

sort of my credit.
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