Quotes added on Saturday, September 20 2008

every girl is beautiful
if they have the ability
in themselves
- paris hilton<3
and in the end
we can say that all boys are liars, cheaters,heartbreakers, selfish...
but not all of them are. it's just there way of showing how they really are


all the things in life a girl wants is, all her peers &friends there for her, that one extremely cute sexy boy who would give her the world, her jewelry, makeup &hair supplies, and anything else that will make her the happiest girl alive. all the things in life a girl needs is, her bestfreind there by her side forever<3
i knew it when i first saw him...
that i wanted to be his love...
the way he smiled, and looked at me,
i just knew it, but today, i found out,
that i will never get a chance <|3
How does it feel to know
that your my everything <3
You make me
no one
even cares
how i feel
    cry because iits over
           smiile because iit happened.
i just need a good day,
i need to be taken [ a w a y ] from these
bad days
and for once i just want to say that
i'm happy
and for once i just want to say that
i'm okay
and [ [ mean ] ] it.

and no one [ e v e r ] understands
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