Quotes added on Saturday, September 20 2008

be yourself because
------->> nobody does it better

sorry its plain!

I am a Jonas Brother Lover <3

go fall out boy & go Panic! at the disco
wearing one of your plain white ts *`'
[&+] yerr
red jumpsuit apparatus ?
Huh? you say its a
green day .: * :.
Cute. is what we aim for sweetie.
yeah we know that
boys like girls go
snow patrol why dont `cha. *`' No?
weezer yerr way over here [+&]
.: * :. find me a
nickelback. Fine then.
Now go RIOT! with - - > [
- sounds like a
simple plan right?

not mine just love the quote!


When you can live forever…What do you live for?

follow your dreams
not the trends <3

sorry its plain..but this one is all made up by me!
¢¾just blast some music so we can dance around like we're drunk¢¾

and sing like we're on crackk

&& MY HEART BEATS FASTER            
everytime   I  see him<3

that little girl. She runs from
all her hopes and dreams.She
saw the real world, &+ never
wanted to see it again.

best friends.
are the people in life that make

you laugh a little
louder, smile

brighter & live a little better .
The girls that you laugh with when you're having fun,
Scream at when you're hyper, hug
when you're depressed,
long phone calls with, group IM almost
Giggle with about that boy,shout
sarcastic comments at,
Cry with when you're hurt, Eat with every
single lunch,  
After you run into a wall the'll push you into another one,
after you fall..friends will help you up, but ill push you down
& Just absolutely love
too much;Yeah, those are the
That make life worth living
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