Quotes added on Wednesday, September 24 2008

Brick wall Water fall
Girl you think you got it all
But you dont and i do
sooo BOOM with that attitude
Peace punch captain crunch
i got something you cant touch
Bang bang choo choo train
Wind me up while i do my thang
Reese pieces 7up
Mess with me i'll mess you up
Elbow elbow
Wrist wrist
Cry now girl


i'm not afraid
to fall ;; it means i |climbed| too
e i t h e r way, it shows
at least i tried

True sTrenGTH
is being able to hold it together
...while [{ everyone else }] is
expecting you to f a l l a p a r t

no credits.
he loves me
he loves me not
he loves me
he loves me not
he loves me
he loves me not...

why am i wasting my time with this damn flower when i could be
making him fall in love with me
yes...you can hold my hand if
* you
want to. 'cause i wanna

hold yours too

*no credits*
Girls gossip::but even though it hurts;;
  its just making you[[famous]] x3

**no credits**

bESt fRiENdS are my everything.<3

Brittany,Kelsey,Brittany RyRy.<3
Lizzie: I have popcorn for next period!!!
Christi: Is it healthy?
Popcorn is healthy...
But not with all that butter and junk!
Lizzie: It has a little butter.... Light butter
Christi: Eeeewww...
Christi: I like BUTTER...

& all i have to say i love
your eyes.
your smile
your hair
your laugh
lets put it this way i love everything about you.<3

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