Quotes added on Thursday, September 25 2008

This Is Just A Dream.. 
I always wanted to hold you...

I always wanted to embrace you...

I always wanted to kiss you...

I always wanted... just wanted...
wini has just got hacked.
i love you so much.
you are always there for me when i need a hand.
& you have some way of cheering me up.
im so glad you added me that day,
& we started talking;
otherwise, we wouldnt be here like we are today.
i love you so god damn much.
bfa! x
&it's kinda funny
how we used to
be best friends.
how you could trust me with everything.
how we used to hang out all the time.
how we could talk for hours over stupid things
(like we were animals).
when you used to come to my house.
how we used to sneek out to see each other.

& now i wonder what happened.?
who walks around and hears like, plenty of people call her 'blonde chick'
who sings into a spoon thinking its a microphone.
who walks into walls.
who falls while on a flat surface .
who stares at him during silent reading and when he looks over pretends to be interested in her book.

I would say I'm blonde.
and guys like blondes.
and guys blondes have way more funn.!

together we [[ party
]] together we [[cry]]
kept every [[secret]] && covered every

cause were [[best friends]] until the day we [[die]]
i love my besties. me and my besties are mad hot.!
right here with me.
or over there with the fake barbie that makes paris look real.?
he'sthekindofboy ©
just never seem to get over him.=P

lets just drink to get drunk
& tell eachother everything;
for a drunk mind speaks a sober heart 
then we can go on pretending like nothing
happened because the truth is i've never
fallen so hard
& i dont think i can deal with
the thought of your rejection.'
so lets go on
blaming the shots of vodka on our drunken
minds & live tonight as if it were our last.
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