Quotes added on Saturday, September 27 2008

Those Sweet Words Again. <3

Your prince charming will come. He may not
ride a big white horse, or have a big castle.
But he will want you, and ONLY you, and that
will be better than any [f a i r y t a l e] dream.

the friends, the memories, the summers, the boyfriends,
the best friends, rainy days, and the Laugh-out-Loud moments.
because thats what really MATTERS.<3

The worst part about being lied to
is knowing you're not worth the truth

Don't put off telling someone how you feel about them
because each day that passes by
is another chance for them to meet someone else

Inspire, Believe, Dream, Create, Imagine, Hope :)

When people ask me
' what do you see in him?'
i smile and answer;
' [e v e r y t h i n g] you dont"

that must hurt real bad , fakin' what you wish you had(;
the spaces between your fingers were created so that anothers could fill them in<3
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