Quotes added on Sunday, September 28 2008

&I wish that one day
ipods were the only things  getting
played.girls would actually pressure
guys into things.  all  that   mattered
was how  you  felt   about    yourself.
but most of all i wish that life  was as
simple as they make it seem in those
fairytale stories. but as  we  all  know,
not all wishes come true.
Take love, multiply it by infinity,
take it to the depths of forever,
and you would still only have
a glimpse of what I feel for you. 
    i_love_you <3
Every now and then we find a special friend
who never lets us down... who understands
it all, reaches out each time we fall...
you're the best friend that ive found. <33
these are the days worth living.
these are the years we're given.
these are the moments. these are the times.
so lets make the best out of our lives <3
Oh me?  

Im just the girl in the skinny jeans..

nverse shoes
And the [one in a million]

Jonas Brothers Fan… 

But the thing is..

still stand out

Dear boy,
I cant lie i have missed you but Im stronger now.Even though it kills me to see you with her, I will keep my head high.I hope you have enough dignity to say hi to me in the hallways. Like you always used to. Well I hope you're doing good. So I guess I will see you around!
                                               Love From, Your Girl

ps. I only miss you a little.

i wanna get back

get back with you<3

demi lovato-get back
                          you arent a cheerleader i can see!! you just assume that we arent a sport with out even trying it you dont understand the time and effort that a cheerleading routine has!!! we have to full days of choreoghraphy 6 or more hours!! and in basketball you just have to learn how to dribble down a ball or in football learn how to tackle someone!! we lift girls high in the air and we are sppost to catch them and in tumbling make sure you dont ruin it for the team!!! in any other sport you can switch out people!! but in cheerleading you cant you have to work together as a team!! and im not putting any other sport because i do field hockey and i say to my coach i think cheerleader have it hardd!!! so if you think cheerleading isnt a sport look it up in the dictionaryyy!!!!!

& baby your a little more than what i call
a m a z i n q

вαву qєяℓ; ѕнσω нιм ωнαт нє ¢συℓ∂ σf нα∂ <3
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