Quotes added on Monday, September 29 2008

 i i  looked..
forever for a bestfriend 
one that loved me for who i am one that was really sweet one that cared about me and one who would be there to catch me when i fall and i finally found that best friend.¢¾ shes too cool for you.

(initials here)

if you like :) give me credit.

Tah Tah Faw Now.

be back when a cute boy leaves me a message.or if your good enough.

duhh give me some credit :)
Im the type of girl...¢¾
who will walk right up too him and tell him i like him;
who will scream in the hall way i love you;
who will run out in the rain in my clothes and slide in the mudd.
who will watch horrior movies and me fine untill the toast pops out the toaster.
Im the type of girl who always will be here for you.

Why can't he see

A girl like me

Comes once in a lifetime

~credit to me

last christmas i gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away this year to save you my tears i'll give it to someone special
and you know what?
i don't care what you say about him. i love
him. i always will. whether he loves me back
or not, he will forever remain in my heart.
because once you feel so strongly about
someone, it's hard to forget them, or to forget
that feeling. sure, he's not mine. probably
never will be. he doesn't really like me that much.
but i'll never give up. i'll never stop believing.
i mean, all it took was one look into his beautiful
eyes. to be honest, i fell in love with a
stranger. but sometimes, you just know. you
know when it's real, when it's true. and that
kind of love never, ever fades, no matter what.
all i can hope for is one chance. one chance for
him to get to know me better, one chance to see
if he likes me as much as i love him. one chance
is all i want, all i need, because i know, there's a
part of me that will be in love with him for the rest
of my life.. this day after day heartbreak seems
endless. please, just give me   o n e   c h a n c e .

just kinda had to vent my feelings there...
am i really so invisible to you?

you have to highlight the blank space to see the word! :)
S to the K to the I to the PPER
i'm the funny kid with the curly hurr!

-Skipper, From As the Bell Rings
You want a heart?
Well you don't know how lucky you are not to have one.
-The Wizard of Oz

I got my Besties, and they are the most amazing people you will ever meet! <3 :)

make it pretty, change colors or whatever you like, add names, or initials! have fun! :)
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