Quotes added on Tuesday, September 30 2008

myy red.
miss you !
):    xo
for the first time in my life, my reality is better than my
                                       ae dreamsae
oh dang, i need my library card;
cuz i am checking you outtt.
you'll be the prince,
and ill be the princess.
its a love story baby,
just say yes.
you're just jealous
that me and my friends can act retarded
in public, but people still [ l o v e  u s ]

the best kind of people in life are the ones that prove they will always be there for you.<3

you call it madness but i call it love
i love you
not only for what you are
but for what i am 
when i am with you

Who could watch tons of horror movies without
getting scared,
but still screams at the top of their
lungs when the waffle pops out of the toaster.
So sick of falling apart and crawling back again
         So sick of playing the games that I can never win
   I really had it, just so so sick of it
         Watch me, just watch me

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