Quotes added on Saturday, October 4 2008

[ HE ]   smiles
And then looks away.
& you wonder if that smile meant something he couldn't say  :)
Why Is It 
            That The Boy
Who broke my heart
            Is the ONLY one
That can make it
               [Beat FASTER] ?


hehe i made it on my own.. i was bored soo i put random colors =] lmaooo make it pretty!! kk IM me for requests: xo luv yeww xo [AIM]
thanxx bye.. and rate high!
&& im waiting for the right guy ;;
im w a i t i n g for the [ right time ] and
im waiting for the a
right kissa to be my

omg i am away from my computer right now but if i wasnt wouldnt that be great??

yeah son.. idk i usually put that as my away so i said heyy why not post it on witty profiles? smart idea.. =] IM me for requests: xo luv yeww xo [aim]
your always on my mind...
yet.. u still go and cheat. thats just not kool.

idk im thinking about like break up stuff causee im gonna break up with my bf for some other dude =].. kk thanx byee,, IM me for requests:
xo luv yeww xo [aim]
Ratee Highgg =] <3
Nick Jonas makes me wish my name is mandy.

i love nick jonas... he is soo freakin hot!! =]
IM me for requesats.. kk [aim] xo luv yeww xo
Rate High.. Byeee <3
             state the obvious;
I didn't get my perfect fairytale

taylor swift - picture to burn
it starts when i wake up 
and god he looks beautiful
so I put on
my makeup
and pray for a mircale

i'd lie - taylor swift
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