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Dunk and cover Daddy
its the return of the

~ By Hannah Montana ~
It's not for the populartie.
Either you suck at it or your good at it
I do cheerleading & im popular but i dont do it for that.
i do it cuz its my sport.

so before you dis us cheerleading think we're not all the same.

rate if you agree with  me.

&baby when i see you in the hall way with her
i just wanna brake down & cry cuz i know i use to be "her."

&we use to be so close.
why change everything.
cuz baby i love it how it is.

kinda bored.
my cuzin made this up when her & her boyfriend broke up.

make it pretty.
We go out.
We brake up.
We go threw this pain all the time.
If we are meant to be then why do we keep braking up
[over the stupid stuff]

Cause baby i cant go threw this one more time.

&when we sit together at lunch and we have our little  fights.
i just think how im the luckest gril to have you.

-cuz baby i know i love you.

I dont make mistakes
...I date them!
what if-->
our love will never  go away?

iii ahrr

              its okayy if you're jealous.

partial credit: MEGANLEIGH38 for the PIMP. colors and "iii ahrr" and "its okayy if you're jealous." to me please. kbye xP

ohh hott DAYUMM
thiss iss mahh JAYUMM.

all credit. thxu. kbye. + if using.
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