Quotes added on Thursday, October 16 2008

& before you fall for him, you ask
Is he worth the Tearsss.?
     is he worth the heart break ...?
 but then you realize 
       h e ' s   n o t < / 3

Fine, I admit it
I have never been over youu =/

Caylee Anthony is most likley gone...
But dont give up hope.

I am going to find an Edward Cullen of my own.
Who knows?
    Cause i dont
I didnt get my aceptence letter from Hogwarts,
So im going to live with the Cullens in forks.
Be back in time to tell you that im a vampire.

rate high if you cant wait the 36 more days till the premire!!!

The altimate come back.
You need to walk a mile in someone elses shoes befor you may judge them.So that way when you wanna steal their shoes you get a mile head start.
I support Breast Cancer,
I support Childhood Cancer,
I support Stomach Cancer,
I support Lung Cancer,
I support Survivers,
I support the Survivers Familys,
I support those who are'nt gonna make it,
I support the familys of those who didnt make it.
I support.
Her: Um...
Him: ...?
Her: *no responce*
Him: ?
Her: *still no responce*
Him: Whats on your mind?
Her: Um... well... I think I love you too...

^true story man! <333 XD
rate please!!!
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