Quotes added on Friday, October 17 2008

You stumble down the yellow brick road,
spinning your shoes in the air.

The air.

Then you hold your breath and count to nine,
hoping that soon somebody will find you.


-Rachel Scott

start a chain reaction today ☼
why do all the dancers get such high ratings?

cheerleaders dance, but they dance and do so so much more.
this is nothing against dancers because im a dancer and we work pretty hard
im a cheerleader too and we work hard
we walk into the gym and we see guys lifting weights we go pshhh

we life athletes

This is getting intense
The feeling is soooo vehement
And i just dont know whut to do
Cuz baby im falling for
This is getting intense
Makes me strum my
And i just dont know whut to do
Cuz baby im so in love with

Yea Love is blind bbe..
but i'm not.
im hot
your cold
you go around
like you know
who i am
but you dont
youve got me
on my toes.
one day i c a u g h t myself 
              (smiling for no reason)
----->then i realized, 

im sorry i acciedently deleted itt. here it is again. sorry!
I love you
I'd try to explain why but ..truth is, i'd be here all day b'coz all the words in the world couldn't explain it!

What Do You Do When.
Your Oldest Friend Gets Sick
He Can't Be There For You Anymore
He Isn't The Same Kid Anymore
You Can't Help Him Through It
He Starts To Hate What He Loves
He Is Trapped Inside His Body
He Just Lays There
He Spends His 16th Birthday In Coma  
He Can't Say Hi Anymore
He Can't Give You His Bear Hugs
He Can't Even Look At You 
What Do You Do When You Oldest 
Best Friend Dies?
To Many People Die From Cancer
Every Day Especially Teenagers.
Do Your Part During Cancer Awareness Month
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