Quotes added on Monday, October 20 2008

Not everything is what it seems
There's never just one
When life starts making sense
The world is upside down again

Go Figure.
i saw youu & you saved me from myselff,
and i wont forget the way you loved me<3
- on the way down, ryan cabrera

(supposed to be in lyrics, but i liked it in love)
I'm the type of girl who
up walls
    just to see who c a r e s enough to
♥         break them down.
i try to act big and say [[oh yeaahh  im so over him]]
but the truth is...

if i don't like you, you will know.
I don't put on a front.
I don't have to.
I am the DREAM
and you are the DREAMER.

Best Friends!

        Understandwhen you say forget it,

   Wait foreverwhen you say wait a minute,

  Stay byyourside when you say leave me alone,

 && listen for hours when your cryingon the phone.

It¡¯sthose times we go crazy; people think we¡¯re high

 The times we make each other laugh until wecry

   All the inside jokes and our remember-whens

  Those are the reasons they call us bestfriends!

        [name] ¢¾ [name] ¢¾ [name] ¢¾ [name]

The days were so crazy...

That people think we’re high...

And days we’re so bored...

We laugh so hard we cry!

All the inside jokes...

And saying “remember when...”

>>just some of the reasons<<

* We’ll always be best friends <33 *

A lot of  laughs

A lot of tears; Spilling Dreams

With the Fears; Talking Twenty 4

Hours On the Phone; Each other’s

Houses Are our Second Homes; <3

Something So Precious It Can’t

Break Or Bend; That’s Why I Call You

My Best Friend <3

"And so the lion fell in love withthe lamb..."
"What a stupidlamb."
"What a sick,masochistic lion."

- Twilight

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