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The Average Teenage Life;;

you always have a crush on that guy that doesn't like you

your friends turn into b a c  k s t a b b e r s  and  l i a r s

a rumor starts about you and everyone believes its true

you learn to only trust that O N E person and no one else

drama either comes to you, is about you, or involves you

people make fun of you and your boyfriend breaks up with you

but you never give up

people change;; people break up;; you make new friends;;

drama comes and goes;; new rumors start;; love always changes;;

people forgive and forget;; everything can change and will change;;

but always remember that there is.....

a good side to every bad side

and that you aren't the only one </3

Breaking Someones Heart
  three simple words
with a meaning that could
    go on for miles
Idon't care what you think
as long as it's
about me
best of us can find happiness

people that don`t know me
think i'm q u i e t &
people that k n o w me
wish I was

|[xo]| some people show off their beauty ---->
|[ox]| because they want the world to [ see ] it ;;
|[xo]| others try to [ hide ] their beauty because
|[ox]| they want the world to see something else


“You can break me down as much as you want, but give me something constructive”

Please Don't Take


look for that perfect guy.... who holds ur hand. grabs ur waist. kisses you. goes out of his way to call just to say "iloveyou". gives u all these random hugs. who doesnt want u to be something your not. who holds u in front of his friends. and who says "screw you" to anyone that says bad opinions.
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