Quotes added on Monday, October 20 2008

I think I've finally come to the point in my »LIFE where
happy with myself &
& know that I don't have to
change ]| or be a certain way for people
to like me
anymore. I'm just fine & if someone doesn't think I am,
S  T  !   ( =

Maybe I don`t smile as much as her,  & maybe I don`t
have [as many friends] as she does. But I'll bet you
she hasn`t gone through what I have. I'll bet she
hasn't ever sat down on her stairs & just cried, cried
her heart out just because the whole world was
- »caving IN« - and  [( she just couldn't take it. )]
She's a little upset. She won't vent to anyone anymore.
Her problems aren't important & no one is listening.  She's
crying inside but [(
hey, she`s b e a u t i f u l right ?

"The right thing isn't always real obvious.
Sometimes the right thing for one
is the wrong thing for
someone else
* [( Eclipse )] *
& they say we`ll never see half as much as they did.
it's true that we never saw
vietnam or world war 2.
we didn't see our mother's cry
when john f. kennedy
died. but we've lived our whole lives
being told that
we're just not good enough. we've seen
anorexia &
bulimia because "skinny" just isn't skinny enough. we
saw (( columbine ))  & watched the twin towers fall
we've seen a lot of greed && even more hate
. our
generation fights a different kind of war
but we`ve
seen just as much as them, && maybe even more
I was selfish, I was hurtful.
tortured the ones I loved
-- Bella Swan; Eclipse (( «3 ))

she was beautiful but it was the things she did
that made her ugly
I realized something the other night;
you don`t need a guy to be happy. sure, a kiss goodnight
is better from your boyfriend than from your mom, & cute
texts from him would be nicer than the ones from your
friend. but even when the guy
breaks your heart, «/3
you still have your mom to tell you she loves you& your
friend will
always be calling you. && that`s all you need.

I can close my eyes but they do not stop dreaming
Despite what happened ... ah you love me

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