Quotes added on Monday, October 20 2008

i'll wait here forever just to, to see you [smile]

cause its true, i am nothing without [you].
Ok i just want to say a little something to
you guys say crap about people that you dont even know is true! Like with Victoria Asher...uhmm she does not look like a dude! & that video that you made of Cobra Starship "Guilty Pleasure"......you guys are so fricking stupid

ily VickyT

uhmmm sorry this isnt a quote i just wanted to say that FBRtrash is gay &+ uhm yeah, thats pretty much it
What hurts the most
was being so close.

Cascada what hurt the most <3

Boy: so i heard you were upset. wat's wrong?
Girl:  it's just that i rlly like you and all you do is talk about the girl that you like. Her favorite music and her favorite color.
Boy: well im srry ill stop
Girl: well what i dont get at all is why you like her and not me wen everything you say about her is just like me
Boy: well i have one more thing to say about "her"..... <3
Girl: errrr well whats her name or even just initials?
Boy: S.P
Girl: HUH? those r m--- oh. im the girl arent i ?
 yeah we act like we are just friends and you say i'm one of the guys but the truth is
     wanna be more than this....¢¾
                      maybe if you actually had a life
                             [[you'd stop talking about mine]]

(this isn't really friendship but it donsn't fit a catagory)

hey there mr. grumpy gills.
when life gets you down, do you know what you've
gotta do?   j u s t   k e e p   s w i m m i n g .

people that don`t know me
think i'm q u i e t &
people that k n o w me
wish I was

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Did you mean:
 Boston Red Sox?


i know they didn’t win…but they r still great!!

No credit to the format =]

You were my longest love
just like supercalifragilisticexpialidociousa
is the longest word.

not about me just came to mind :]
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