Quotes added on Tuesday, October 21 2008

Let's hope the girl who got stood up by the jerk sitting on her porch will be loved.
Let's hope the boy who got put down cause of his race will be loved.
Let's hope the little kid out there in the world doesn't die...And will be loved
Those first two words are used 5,000+ times in the world...how about we change them to Let's do something about it!
dont make REGRETS
create REGRETS!

Everything we do is for guys.
Dressing in tight clothes, putting on our makeup, spending hours on our hair, being skinny.
And half the time they dont appreciate it.
Things would be so much eaiser in life if they were different
and cared more about our personalites which take us so long to find, then our looks which we waste half our lilfe changing.
our song
is the slammin screen door
sneaking out late
tappin on your window
when were on the phone
and you talk real slow
cause its late and your mama dont know

~our song,taylor Swift
    [[He just doesn't know it yet]]
I just wanted to thank you, for calling me back when i hung up on you, & for grabbing my arm when I started to walk away. But now I`m ready to let go, so let me run off. & leave your fingers off those telephone buttons. It`s over for good this time.
You`ve taught me a lot of things. Not only about life, but how it`s okay to feel something extraordinary about someone <333
Love where are you? you can not understand that you need? how long we will be far away?

T O D A Y ¢¾
when people say i love you
its pretty common and most people
say it just because they're together

B A C K  T H E N ¢¾
when people said i love you
they ment it; and it brought
them more together; becoming to be
married. happiness and joy was within
them and they lived hapily ever after

i love you like they did [[back then]] and ever [[since]]
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