Quotes added on Tuesday, October 21 2008

&& she was ready to q u i t
she was sick of the drama
the lies,
and the pain.
tonight's the night 
she's ganna shut her dor,
blast her iPod,
and only o p e n it
for the people
who won't tear her down
don't let memories hold you back from what your heart longs for. <3

Rumors are viscious; talk is cheap.
Words are malicious; secrets you should keep.
Words can hurt; and make the deepest cut.
So learn from the past; and keep your mouth...
LOVE is when you care enough about someone to tell them your secrets

all mine!!!
its amazing;
how one person can make your day
a b s o l o u t e l y   p e r f e c t

                                  Love is like  . . .
                     someone pushing you.
           unexpected, you end up falling for them, 
                     and sometimes it hurts.<3

i was boredd ...all credit to mee *
You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams! (:
why is it that i have this amazing guy that treats me like a queen,
yet all i want is to be with that one guy that treats me like i'm nothing.

no matter how hard i try, my heart is stuck with him.
boy, are you blind?!
                       she's in love with youuu

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