Quotes added on Tuesday, October 21 2008

I f . y o u . S M I L E . a t . s o m e o n e ,
They Might Smile Back (:
be back soon!
               leave an IM or call!

oh damnit,=|   
i've fallen for him..again.

screw around with it it's not great.
just a thoughtttt. ;]
planned for far too long_
&& you crushed it because you're "so strong"
  l i m e  l i g h t           *
i get it   _   just dont be a
i'm sorry if i hog it sometimes..
i know how you feel, and i understand
that you don't wanna come with,
you need some time to shine,
so frand- its your time.<3 ly bfff
--hope you understand without no
funny businesss!! (:
sometimes my friends say its obvious i still love him..
::i reply::
o you dont even know the half of it  </3
Don’t sit there and threaten to break up
 with me tomorrow and then say let’s
    have a good night tonight
                       -the hills
i don’t make threats.
 i make
      --the hills
&im just martha;
from the notebook.
noah makes her fall,
&he makes her think
shes his all, but then
somebody else came
&took that away.

*all mine , but take iit!

&& just when i started to take the little footsteps away from you
somehow you got me to take a GIANT jump forward now
thanks to you im back to where i started
crushin on someone who will never like me back
wow, fi ouy koot eht emit tuo ot daer siht u evah on efil
dnik ekil eht nosrep ohw etorw sith ni eht tsrif ecalp..  

well i guess thats me. ;]<3

ha really bored took me a while but its cute.
sorry if they're are a few mistakes lol it was hard.
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