Quotes added on Saturday, October 25 2008

Just because...

i like more than one guy; im not a slut
i get excited the day b4 my birthday; im not a baby
i get good grades; doesn't make me the teachers pet
i might stay up till midnight to watch harry potter; doesn't mean im a geek
just because i love him; doesn't mean his gf should be mad

Yo Mama

is so dumb... she invented a solar powered flashlight!
if you want something really bad, work for it.
now QUIET! they're about to annouce the lottery numbers!

-Homer Simpson

                                  its contagious =]

rate high if hes the one who makes you smile =]

He broke my heart </3

but i still love him with all the little peices left.

Screw the Past
Bust your Ass
and Always Drive On
'cause Memories Fade
and People Change
The Only Person You
Have Is Yourself

I          ran         with    scissors

And lived

you know he doesnt love you;;
when he kisses you then
goes to wash out his mouth</3

sry ik i already posted this but "kisses you" was crossed out and it was supposed to be underlined....omg this happened to one of my bffs...that guy is a jerk to do such a thing to her!!!!!!!!!!! P-L-A-Y-E-R-!!!!!!!!!
and it's not even funny
what a girl like me
would do for a guy like

alll mineee***
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