Quotes added on Sunday, October 26 2008

we sing High School Musical songs at the top of our lungs
we hide pixie sticks under the basement couch_______
and even when we're sick,we'll dance   around  like total
____________________idiots but thats what makes us

[we can do it the easy way ]]
          or the hard way 
        or the medium way
~~or the somewhat easy medium 
awkward hard way ~~


in a rush make it pretty :)
I'm a
if VODKA was water...
and i was a duck...
i'd swim to the bottom ...
and never come up...
but vodka's not water...
and im not a duck...
so slide me a bottle....
and shut the F**K up....
not original....lifted from a sticker i have....
    need to             Hate
  I could learn to love you

But i Can't

                   Where it was dark now there's light
                   Where there was pain now there's joy
             Where there was weakness, I found my strength
                              All in the eyes of a boy

i just want you to know that
i've been fighting to let you go
some days i make it through and
then there's nights that never end
thisisforallthegirlswho :
Spend those countless nights,
wishing for him to love you back.
Who want him to notice that your sad,
just so he will cheer you up.
Who lay in bed at night wishing he would
text you one last time saying sweet dreams.
Most of all, this is for the girls who think about
him nonstop during the day, and just want him to know
how much you actually Love him.

credit tooo *Whitney__** nottme
I'm feeling all superhuman you did that to me
A superhuman heart beats in me
Nothing can stop me here with you

Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson - Superhuman

      The only thing people fought about was

                who got the last popsicle?

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