Quotes added on Monday, October 27 2008

go ahead;
break her h e a r t.
afterall, shes just a girl...right?

i always knew looking back on the tears
would make me laugh: but i never
knew looking back on the laughs
would make me cry.
      class of '09
     Someday your prince charming will come. Mine just took a wrong turn, got lost, and is too stubborn to ask for directions.
i would rather be  ( Hated) for something im not
Then (loved) for something i wanted to be

When You're Gone
I dont think ill have a reason to be here .
I would rather be hated Ā for something im not,
Then loved for something I wanted to be.
For the record,
when I'm with you
Things are looking better
For once everything is brighter
Than the darkness before you

--->Run don't walk the sky is falling through<---
   Don't talk, tonight I'm so [confused]
I'm lost, I'm lost with you

                        there's only,
                                one thing
                   two do
                                three words



credit to: peyton_heart
just changed,color,font,size,and style =)

Girl: Father Time how many times have I wished at 11:11 that he will love me?
Father Time: Far too many young one.

^^all me!
♫ Chapter two When they meet up again Second time around See but they're just friends But the feelings still strong And it's been too long To be trippin' like they ain't been missing ♫

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