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With you,there were
         no ordinary days.

I don't really do regrets;
they're not very useful - Richard Hammond.
if i just lay here.
would you lay with me
and forget the world??
i'll keep you my dirty little secret
  [[ dirty little secret ]]
dont tell anyone or you'll be
just another regret
[[ just another regret, hope that you can keep it ]]
my dirty little secret.
     --all american rejects:p
[[ shes my ]]

                    lesbiann loverr.

                         #1059  Don'tyouhateitwhen
      these quotes get repeated and are so pointlessly boring?!
When she's down, I try to help her back up. I would do this because I know..... she would do it for me.



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Her: She's going to cheat on you.
Him: I'll let her get away with it just once.
Her: You didn't let me get away
 with it.
Him: Well I like her, but  I loved you.

some credit to:ms_betty_boop
i edited...

&+ maybe just maybe
if you listen to what she says
you'll understabd why she did it

just another
rainy saturday...
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