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I'm here.

                  Now what are your other two wishes? ;)   x

Maybe ;; If you Listen
To what she tells you & You actually Hear
Her words.. You'll Understand why she
had to end it, and you wont hate her for it. </3

Dear Tummy...
Im sorry for all the butterflies... Its his fault.<3

PMS;; To girls ;; The week before our period;; To boys;; The time to hide and agree with every single thing she says even when shes wrong, because if not you could end up bodily injured.
I want to run away from you..
but only far enough to make you

miss me<3
Team Edward..
Because people like Jacob Dont glitter
i always forget to forget you
and you have the one thing that
[ no one else ] in the world has
----------------> myheart Ā©

credit to :

Your || Always || Going
to be the boy i'll never get. and im always
going to be that girl you always talk to but
will  >>   
never   <<  like.  i'll always be
jelous of the girl you chose 
o  v  e  r  m  e,
whether it's my best friend or some girl i
dont know. you are the
in life
ive a
wanted. that something i'll never
get. And i guess i'll have to live with that,
|| no matter how much it hurts me</3 ||

credit tooo:
I know it cant bare to be but baby iloveyou!<333
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